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Makeup Tutorial: Sweet and Pink

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Mar 05, 2014

Hi my sweet . Unfortunately lately I rarely write because of employment with their studies . But this does not mean that I'm not with you. Lately I've been really trying to get involved in make-up and how you can come up with is not the typical images with makeup that I've never done before. Of course I'm just a beginner in this business and I do not have enough professional components but it still does not prevent me to experiment. Today I decide to do a mini tutorial on my sweet pink makeup on Valentine's Day .

To begin to use the base or base for the face.

Then draw the eyes with black pencil and add lots of mascara.


The next step is my most favorite part is the application of eye shadow.

I use ordinary white shadow at the base of the eye.

Then used pink shades stretching from bright to brighter .


Some of the pink hues are presented above , I use quite a bit so do not be surprised that so many of them .

The next item is the black eyeliner .

And now the magic is in silver glitter makeup . We put them on the surface of the eye is covered with pale pink shadows .



Now use the pink blush to the cheeks.


Now the final touch is the bright pink lipstick. ((I have two absolutely identical and one of them is broken, but I usually always use a whole , but unfortunately could not find a whole at least for photo )

Now a few photos:

Hope you enjoy this blog


Movie Inspiration:Oz the Great and Powerful

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Feb 20, 2014

Last time I look wonderful film Oz the Great and Terrible . I like movies based on fairy tales and The Wizard of Oz they be one of my favorite fairy tales and cartoon. This is a world of magic and miracles . I also really like the movie The Wizard of Oz in 1939 . But the plot of the film Oz the Great and Terrible differ from the Wizard of Oz . And there is no girl Ellie, scarecrow , cowardly lion and woodcutter . This story is about how the Wizard of Oz himself fall into the land of Oz . And it's really interesting because it prove to be an ordinary and not very talented magician. Which ran fleeing from exposure to hot air balloon and get a hurricane and then only to find himself in the Land of Oz . And in the end it turns out last reliable Oz and how not weird it saves Oz using tricks. Yes it's pretty weird but it looks quite impressionable . This film is an old tale in a new way in a higher quality and with excellent computer graphics and that immerses you in this wonderful world of Oz .

I loved the story and the acting is quite professional and also I loved the costumes , I just obsessed with costumes from films if they are remarkable than that . Clays and witch costumes are amazing.


M still probably this movie is an old story but more modern and yet you simply must see this movie.


6 Outfits For Valentine's Day

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Feb 13, 2014

Hi sweet ! Valentine's Day tomorrow , and if not strange for me this day is associated with pink or red in a pinch. And when I think about that day , I imagine that it's pink , fluffy , shiny and super cute . That is, for me it is a day of pink and cute amateur and I do not know why all the same . And so I decide to offer you a 6 outfits for Valentine's Day in a pretty pink friday style. By the way this year, the holiday just to get on Friday that makes it more sweet, fluffy and pink.

Check outfits below:












And to say that inspire you on Valentine's Day ?




Nicki Minaj Rocks New Image

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Feb 11, 2014

The network has a new photo with Nicki Minaj where it looks like that it does not even know . Now we can hardly distinguish Nicky with her ​​favorite Barbie way she now looks more like a Rap queen  or a luxurious and sexy diva.

We can see Onika transparent swimsuit black bodysuit and black skin-tight dress with a lot of cuts. Yes Clothing quite frank but Nicky does not look frank she look just fabulous. Images also supplemented gold accessories that quite in harmony with black and do Minaj even more luxurious.

Now while it is not known purpose of these images is possible photo session or just still possible photos with filming a new music video.

Check out the photo below :

And say what you think about the new image Nicki Minaj?


Hot or Not?:Fluffy Earrings Trend

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Feb 07, 2014

Fluffy earrings recently become a budding fashion trend which is gradually gaining more fans . Among them , Audrey Kitching , fashionista Miley Cyrus , fashion designers and women bloggers from around the world . Yes , these earrings look pretty soft, cute and fluffy course . More specifically , they distinguish you from the crowd , and thus you will not go unnoticed and accentuate your personal style but whether these earrings really fashionable and significant fashion trend or just trend for one season.

What do you think about fluffy earrings Hot or Not?



Simple And Cheap Secrets For Maintaining Natural Beauty

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Feb 03, 2014

Good day guys. Today I want to dedicate this blog natural remedies and tips for maintaining your natural beauty. It not only helps you become more beautiful but also save your budget because these funds are not so expensive but in fact they just work wonders.

All of the following tips and tools I tried on his person and it's just my opinion.

The easiest and cheapest way for a perfect skin to drink more water and watch your diet. Try it and you will notice that after a while acne and imperfections on the skin will be much smaller and more skin will become smooth tone and radiant look. Definitely better than cure skin mask imperfections ton of powder and foundation is only aggravate the situation.

The next tool is castor oil which can be bought over the counter and used as a means to extend the lashes. You can use this oil washed up on old brush on your mascara more volatile distribution. You can use this oil at night while you sleep , or at any time when you are not home to paint eyelashes . As a result, within a week your lashes become longer and stronger.

Another way to make your face better are two different oil, which are equally good to deal with imperfections on the skin. This lavender and orange essential oil of course you do not get such an amazing result as after using the more expensive programs for cleansing the skin but natural ingredients , plus a pleasant smell . Just a few drops of dilute any of these oil in water and rub the skin can be even several times a day.

How to make your lips more voluminous without Boteks and without wasting time on long makeup just to rub lips ordinary brush teeth. The blood begins to flow to the lips the color becomes more intense and also become much more voluminous lips . After the procedure, do not forget to moisturize lip balm.

Also requires its natural beauty maintain not only from the outside , but inside , so it's worth taking vitamins especially now in winter. Eat as much fruit , but with them you can take even further and other vitamins , such as vitamin E, this is the beauty vitamin and calcium for stronger nails and teeth. But re taking vitamins is still best to consult with your doctor.

And last but not the least effective way to maintain the beauty of this dream is a rather old method but believe me it is still working.

What is your favorite tool for borrowing natural beauty?



Style And Music Inspiration: Rihanna

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Jan 30, 2014

Lately I've noticed that I become a fan of Rihanna as a fashion icon as well as in music. I madly love her images a little wild , cute , shocking and of course sexy . Rihanna is also one of the few celebrities can combine incongruous with evident that she wear it and do not even think nevertheless the image turns steep example dress with sneakers.

One of my favorite fashion periods Rihanna when she have red hair, I just fall in love with it as she was cute mermaid.

Despite the trendy street looks Riri song completely fits her style and daring so bad like she.

Check out some of my favorite outfits and songs and music videos below:


What do you think about Rihanna and her style? 

Like it or not?


Movie Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Jan 27, 2014

Hi guys ! Again, I decide to return to your blog because it is a small part of me and I want to continue to develop it . Lately I've been busy with school and be work but not looking to study now I try not to be lazy and share with you my thoughts again here.

And today I want to write a blog about one of the truly great film a lot of movies I watch lately this movie is probably one of the most striking and impressive . And the film The Great Gatsby , and you know part of it even than that change inside of me. Everything in this film is amazing , actors, music , clothing, dancing and the atmosphere of perpetual partying. And the story on so many sweet and touching to say honestly I cry. I get a lot of different emotions associated with this film and I think that this film could be reviewed forever.

Story about some Gatsby who was in love with a girl from a wealthy family and in order to make it rich and happiness grandiose party hoping that his beloved will meet and they will be together again . But love is evil and eventually married Daisy on one side and happy with Gatsby and on the other she has a husband . And in the end all the same because of one accident, she chooses her husband and in the meantime Gatsby still hopes that they will be together but in the end die a sudden death quite sincerely believe that Daisy is about to call him and say that he loves . Gatsby was a gift of hope for a brighter beduyuschie he always sincerely believed it possible his undoing .



Really people like Gatsby in our lives very difficult vsstrerit such selfish and not have the gift of hope.

Have you ever met a person like Gatsby?


20 Things Whats Makes My 2013

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Dec 31, 2013

This 2013 year is ready to say goodbye to us. And lastly, I want to make a list of everything that inspire me this year and that made ​​my 2013.

1. Makeup

2. Scarlett O'Hara

3. Disney Princess

4. Pnk Friday

5. Iggy Azalea

6. Chocolate

7. Megan Fox


9. The Killers

10. Drake

11. Glitters

12. Desperate Housewives

13. Marilyn Monroe

14. Kim Kardashian

15. Flowers

16. All Time Low

17. Rihanna

Thank you for an amazing year!

What inspire you in 2013?





New Favorite Band:All Time Low

Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Oct 13, 2013

Lately, I've become a big fan of the song All Time Low. Because these guys are really funny and they sing these joyful songs. With so and want to dance. These guys inspire me for joy is sometimes not enough when I come home tired from work or study. And lately they be my favorite band and I like you simply must hear them all albums and songs.



What is your favorite band in last time?




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